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Kathryn is a miracle for me.  I live with two special needs border collies.  Not only are they high drive, intense, young, high energy girls, one is also fear aggressive towards, well, everything.  Seriously, I once saw her attack a shrub         because she got too nervous.  

When I met her at the door, I had a feeling she could understand high need dogs.  There is an intuition among us that live with border collies and other intuition based dogs.  When she came in and the girls were immediately smitten with her, it reinforced my intuition.  As she gave me daily updates and let me know what was happening with 'The Punk' and Nan, I could tell by her stories that she truly understood their natures and the root cause of the behavior issues at play.  She was unravelling their mysteries and managing them with compassion and efficiency.  

As a woman who has lived with intuitive, high drive dogs for 20 years, I know that this sort of approach is rare indeed.  When you find it, you keep it.  I won't let her go.  She's worth her rates.  I know my girls are understood, are well cared for and are being treated very well.  KATHRYN IS THE ONLY PERSON I WOULD TRUST TO TAKE MY GIRLS OUT ON A TRAIL HIKE.  PERIOD.  THERE SIMPLY ISN'T ANYONE ELSE.  She commands my respect, my trust and my admiration.

Jeni R West Linn, Oregon 11/27/14

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Your pets's are special to me and I understand just how much you want them to be at home not missing you too much while you're away.  I keep them in a familiar routine and provide loads of love!